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Friday, October 30, 2009

A Halloween Remembrance...

My dear friend Jay Jobe passed away recently, 
and in honor (and memory) of him and his favorite party (Halloween, of course!) 
a celebration is planned for tomorrow night. 
When he would hold the party at his house,
I always took him a 'bottle of red' 
that ended up being a great little wine!
Now you, too, can enjoy the 'spirits' of Halloween
...just don't get too 'spooked!'

~Happy Halloween~

We'll miss you, Jay....

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One last 'BOO!"...

With Halloween a couple of days away, I just HAD to share a couple of last minute party ideas...
For all of the 'gory' details, check out "Hostess with the Mostess" blog at ,

 ...These will make great party conversation starters...creepy adult beverage Jello shots!  Complete with.. uh....'body parts'!

Happy Halloween!!

Trend | Go back to your roots with a natural sophisticated Christmas décor

"It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!" as the song says, the new trends for 2009-2010 is all about comfort. Trends in everything from paint colors to decor (even your Christmas tree) is taking us back in time to a more homey, comfortable feel. It conjures up memories of Christmas' past...complete with the shiny aluminum tree with the revolving color wheel(well maybe not THAT bad!)
I'm thinking it's all about what feels 'safe' and 'familiar' to us. And I've got a hunch the good ole' fashioned meatloaf and mashed potato dinner is just around the corner! Cheers to hoping your upcoming holiday is 'merry and bright!"
Trend | Go back to your roots with a natural sophisticated Christmas décor

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Working for the Weekend - Part 2"

Well what a weekend! Over 300 people gathered to hear some good old-fashioned storytellin' about the wild, wild West! I finally finished my centerpieces, and taking some of the ideas from a recent post, I came up with my own western version! In these parts, hunting is huge, so I used deer corn as the filler in my vases...topped with a simple pumpkin, it was perfect. Honoree tables had the 'cowboy' speckled enamelware coffeepot with fall florals. Another great centerpiece! I just love fall!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Working for the Weekend'...

As the song goes, "Everybody's working for the weekend"... and so am I!
The annual fall event at the Haley Library is this weekend, and I'm building western autumn centerpieces as we speak! Just putting a few of the items together, with 40 tables to complete by Saturday night! So, being from Texas, I thought I'd share this year's 'lil' bit of Texas' as we get this party started...Here's (cheers) to the wild, wild West!

The use of blue-speckled enamelware cowboy coffeepots on red burlap will add color to the honorees tablescapes. Each will hold big fresh yellow sunflowers from "deep in the heart of Texas"! Additional metal buckets will hold autumn florals and fruits....That's all for now, but don't go far...More photos are coming...

Yes, they're "boo-tiful!"

Okay, everyone that knows me, knows that I'm a 'fiend' when I find a fun cupcake design! In my humble opinion, these dainty, moist morsels deserve more than a pastel paper! So, imagine how delighted I was to see these beauties...all dressed up with no place to go...except my mouth! Yum! :)

...From Bella Cupcake Couture , thanks to Amy Atlas on her blog,'Sweet Designs'!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

'Spooky' Snacks for Halloween Teens...

At our house, the teenagers have outgrown the little gobbily-gook 'friends'....the kind that are so cute and sweeeeeeeet!:) ,
They DO however have a fondness for weird....:) My teens would LOVE to snack on these this yours truly will most likely be whippin' up a batch soon! Thanks to Entertain Exchange, you too, can enjoy these 'Murderous Cupcakes' at your next 'Slash Bash'!
Happily, even Casper the Friendly Ghost would approve!

'Fall' into color!

I ADORE color, so when I saw this I went 'nuts!'
I found this lovely centerpiece display on Boston Mamas. This is perfect for a fall tabletop, or for Thanksgiving. It uses nuts and lentils to fill cylandar vases, and incorporates oranges (or use mini pumpkins) tied with ribbon and topped with an orchid.
This is so beautiful and eco-friendly too!

It's Fall, Ya'll!

I'm in love with this great idea for fall!
Two fall favorites combined to make a great tabletop centerpiece...
Everyday Celebrating: "Create a unique pumpkin type display with these 'mumkins'. Better Homes and Gardens provides instructions on these simple, 'no carving' centerpieces which could also be used with artificial flowers for a longer life. Wouldn't these make a great hostess gift? Great centerpieces for a fall wedding as well!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Think Pink!"...

It's October and that means Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all things pink! And this week, even the national football teams are 'pretty in pink'! Wearing pink on helmets , on armbands, and even waving a pink towel, the feminine color has made a significant statement on the otherwise masculine field. It's been amazing to see just where pink will turn up!
So, I decided to do my part, and share a few Pink Cocktails...The color alone will make you scream 'Cheers!'



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