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Monday, December 27, 2010

What's HOT in 2011!

Are you ready?  Ready or not, here comes 2011! 
Here's What's Hot and What's Not for the New Year!
The new year brings new trends.  Here's a peek at what's coming in 2011...

Living Online
Social media is only growing in influence. But it's evolved in the past 12 months. Here's what's new:
2010: Social Networking: Facebook, Linked in, Kik Messenger
2011: Social Buying: Lockerz, Plum District, Ideeli
(2010 was all about social networking, now it's about social buying – group discounts available to online communities).

And whether we're doing social buying or social networking, we're all spending a lot of time on our computers. But there's a change there too:
2010: Living Online: Gilt, i Tunes, Amazon
2011: Living in the Cloud: Netflix, Grooveshark, Mobile Me, iPad, Verizon mobile internet, Apple TV
(In 2010, we lived online. This year, we'll be living in the cloud -- accessing our data online instead of storing it on our computers)

Comfort is Cool! 
This is the year of 'homey' and 'homemade'.  Don't be fooled - 'Dining In' IS IN, along with the food favorites you love!
Food Trends:
Fish tacos, cupcakes (NOT cupcakes!) and Red Bull are out....Fried chicken,  pies and relaxation drinks are in.
2010: Fish Tacos
2011: Fried Chicken
2010: Cupcakes
2011: Pies

'Amped' Up?  It's Time to 'Chill Out'!
You can keep your Starbucks, but skip the Red Bull and other high-energy drinks~ After being 'amped up' for a year, 2011 brings with it relaxation!

2010: Red Bull
2011: Relaxation Drinks:  Dream Water, Ichill, Genesis Today, Goji Juice Drink

Books to Look for...

In the new year, teens will be reading...
A new series called "Hunger Games."
The sun has set on "Twilight."
2010: "Twilight" series
2011: "Hunger Games"

Finally, Fashion!

2010 Fashion TrendsWhat's OUT!
 Military Pants
Leopard Wedges
Geometric-shaped Necklaces
Khaki Nail polish

2011 Fashion TrendsIN!

Honeysuckle Pink Skirts (Pantone's 2011 Color of the Year)
Lace Shirts
Kitten Heels
Black  iridescent nail polish
Floral Pieces

 More of what's in store for 2011:
Apps for Fun --> Apps for Happiness & Smarts
3D movies --> 3D TV
Text donations --> micro funding
Wii --> Kinect
Sleek tech --> Hiding modern tech


Food Trucks -->Gardens in restaurants
Locavore --> Vegivore
Bacon in everything --> Quinoa in everything


Snooki Poof --> Pixie Cut
Jeggings --> Lowbells
'80s --> '70s


Big Stars in Movies --> Big Stars in Video Games
Goofy Guys in Movies --> Real Heroes in Movies
Vampires --> Zombies

Other Silly Stuff

Silly bands --> Silly Rings
Zhu Zhu Pets --> Squinkies
Ping Pong --> Skee Ball

Information for this article was provided in part by Trendra, a leading trend-spotting firm, and ABC

Cheers to 2011!

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