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Monday, May 28, 2012

"They Say it's Your Birthday"..

...'Happy Birth-daa-ay to You"!
So goes my favorite 'Birthday Song' from one of the famous Fab Four...
Paul McCartney.  I've sent this rockin' little birthday greeting to many a friend over the years, via You Tube, just to make my point!  You can't help but get excited when you hear this!
'The Birthday Song'
You guessed it.  I'm a HUGE fan of birthday celebrations! 
Any time, any year, any AGE.  Just ask my family.  Ever since my babies were babies (!) I've created a different party each year to celebrate them on their special day, just like my own mother did for me when I was growing up. 
No two parties were ever the same at our house - not then, and not now. 
One of the most memorable parties I've ever seen, still remains with me today.
While I was in elementary school, my creative mother and artistic younger sister re-created the 'Wizard of Oz' backdrop, complete with a hand-painted 'Yellow Brick Road' (on brown paper sacks, of course) that led the party guests from the front door out to the back patio,  where stood an impressive cardboard 'Emerald City'! 
What a surprise for me and my friends.....and what FUN! 
    Over the years, I've created different celebrations, for my own children, some that have even rivaled my mother's creations, on occasion.  Those glorious milestones have been marked by everything from construction hard hats and a real motorized-riding dump truck, to a Barbie doll whose floor-length PINK gown was actually edible strawberry cake!
    We've celebrated inside and outside. On the beach and in the mountains.  By the pool, and in the park.  And with pinatas- almost always with pinatas!  We've even taken 30 fourth-graders (and several parents) to two state parks in one day! (Whew!)  Creating memories of a lifetime, much like the ones I remember as a kid.
    And like most children do, they grow up and so do their parties. Requiring fewer and fewer folks around the table while blowing out their endless flicker of candles.  Yet the day is always 'theirs', no matter how old they are.  Whether they're turning 'Sweet 16' (like me shown here) or 60, my belief is that a birthday should always be special enough to be remembered.
 It really should come as no surprise that I'm in the celebration business.  I guess I inherited that naturally. 
This past week, however, just happened to be MY birthday week, and what better way to celebrate my favorites, the three 'P's - Parties, People and Pink - then with my all-time favorite look-alike cover band- The 'BEATLES'!! (aka 'BeatleMania'). 
My gift to you is this video collection taken by my friend Wallace Craig, while the band was performing downtown the other night.  Hope you enjoy!

Cheers to another year, and no matter what the occasion...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Whinin' for Twine!

I love pretty wrapping paper and ribbon.  I've even fallen for a tag or two.  Out there in party 'world' there are some pretty awesome and creative ideas on how to make a gift extra-special with its wrapping.  One of those is this new 'old' concept of using baker's twine instead of regular ribbon.  I don't know who came up with this idea, but baker's twine now comes in so many wonderful 'flavors', that you can use it all year long!  Red and white at Christmas, red and blue for July 4th, and even unique colors like peach, aqua or mint.  These colors are not unique, but for colored twine they are!

Over at my new favorite party presentation site, Whisker Graphics, they're having a giveaway to win their orange and black Halloween baker's twine.  Hop on over and enter, and while you're there, check out all the fun ways to wrap up your next surprise. From baker's twine to Sweet Stickys (LOVE!) I'm absolutely positive you'll find something you can't live without!
This year, I'm wrapping grad gifts in our school colors of purple and yellow!
How about you?


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pink Drinks for Mom...

 Attach the letters 'tini' to any liquid libation, and you've got my attention!    I've sampled a few, and haven't run across a bad recipe yet!
So when Kim Vallee offered up these 'pretty in pink' drinks over on her blog, At Home with Kim Vallee, I knew they had to be good! 
 She suggests them just in time for Mother's Day (I'm a mom, so that counts, right?) and with names like 'Mom-tini', 'Pomtini', 'Pink Blossom' and 'Novo Nude', I imagine they will make alot of moms happy...including me!
I think I'll do a little 'extra' sampling this Mother's Day!  How about you?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Junk Girls go HGTV!

It's finally here!  When I took my road trip last month to catch the bluebonnet color (and a few antique shows), my favorite 'junkers', the 'Junk Gypsies', had just announced their brand-spankin' new television show on HGTV.  The two sisters, Aime and Jolie Sikes, 'claim-to-fame' is that they decided NOT to go on to med and law school after college, but to go back to doin' what they love to do best. Go 'junkin'. So they set out with $2,000 and an old pickup truck, to find a business.  As Jolie puts it, "we found a life, instead."
Now some 13 years later, with a big pink suburban ('Large Marge') and their parents, kids and hubbies in tow, they have not only created a life for themselves, but also a 'brand'.  Wearing their trademark jeans, boots, big Texas belts and jewelry, they have developed a huge cult following.  You guessed it... I are one!
Tonight they finally hit the road, and hit the big time!  Their first episode of 'Junk Gypsies' will air on HGTV at 6PM CST! 

I GUARANTEE I'll be watchin' from my 
pink Miranda Lambert wedding chair!
Congratulations girls!

Reasons to Celebrate!

Carrumba!  Today is Cinco de Mayo, and that means PARTY!  Do you know why?  
  It's not Mexican Independence Day (that one happens to fall on my daughter's birthday- September 16th), but this day- May 5th-  commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).
  Now, I'm not a crazy history buff, but this one counts, because it's so popular everywhere you go in the Great State!  Even Mexico doesn't celebrate it like Texas does!  (But then, isn't Texas synonymous with PARTY?)
With a large Mexican-American population, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage with traditions that include parades, mariachi music performances, street festivals, and of course FOOD!
  Grab some maracas, put on that big ole' floppy sombrero, and add a couple of these cute photo props from Paper and Cake, and you've got the party started!
 Just save a Margarita for me!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How do You Cinco de Mayo?

Maracas?  Margaritas? Mexican food?  Ay, Ay, Ay!
ALL of the above!

This year try a refreshing margarita with a!
Try this 'Watermelon-Mint Margarita' from Celebrate!
(You can find this recipe on our 'Pink Drink' page link above.)

This fruity favorite will go great with a new take on the taco....Baja Fish Tacos!

These flavorful tacos are as colorful as they are tasty.  You'll be singing, 'Ay, ay, ay' for more!

Find these recipes and more on our Party Recipe 'Page' links above....YUM!



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