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Saturday, May 24, 2014

"Miss Me?"

  One of the first things a close friend usually says when we haven't talked in awhile is 'Miss me?"  Of course, I always answer 'yes'.
  Embarrassingly, it's been almost a YEAR since I've posted on this blog, and I apologize.  Kinda sorta (another thing my friend says).
  You see, as a party AND wedding planner, I've been swamped with the wedding side of my business and even though that's no excuse for some, it is an insurmountable amount of work - not to mention blogging about it!
So, if you will 'forgive and forget', and do the next best thing which is to pick up and move on, I promise not to let you down again!
  Let's fast forward to the present, scroll down, and I'll fill you in on a delightfully over-the-top 'Pink Princess' First Birthday Party that I did recently for parents of an adorable (you guessed it!), one-year-old!  Maybe it'll be worth the wait!

As always...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Candy Cuteness...

One of the quickest ways to add festive flavor and color to your event is through candy.  Candy 'bars' have been around a while, with exactly that.
However, yours truly likes to take it one step further, with personalized candies, creating each one to be uniquely different.  Here are just a few choice examples from several events:
 From dance recitals, to college graduations and special weddings, no event is too formal to have a bit of a sweet treat!

 Here's hoping your day is a sweet one, too!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Success is SO Sweet!

It's that time again...time to honor this year's graduates!  Closing one door, and opening's all bittersweet.  But it can also be tasty!

For one Texas Tech grad, we set the party up at 'Triple J's Chop House and Brewery'', in Lubbock, Texas, where the party was held immediately following graduation.  We used lots of red and black, of course! 
...topping the dinner off with a little cake and custom candy!

Cheers to all the 2013 graduates!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Celebrating May!

   It's a 'double trouble' weekend! 

Rarely, do you get two significant celebratory events on the same weekend, but this year we do!  Welcome to the month of May!
  Just in time, we've got two specialty cocktails for this weekend, that is sure to make May one of your favorites!

Classic Mint Julep
  Starting with a new twist on the traditional cocktail (the Mint Julep) 
at the Kentucky Derby, you can't go wrong with
So smooth, and so southern!
The Kentucky Peach
  Let's not forget, 24 hours after the Derby is 'Cinco de Mayo', and what better way to celebrate than with a spicy 'Chili Pina'rita'! 
Ay, yi, yi!
The Chili Pina'rita 


Thursday, April 4, 2013

A 'Happy Easter' Egg Cake....

Easter has already come and gone, but I still want to share one of the easiest ideas I created for a special Easter dessert...the 'Easter Egg' Cake!

Using white cake mix (2 boxes) and dividing the batter in half of each recipe, you should have 4 equal batches of white cake batter.  Each one receives a different color (based on your Easter egg dyes) by dropping food coloring into the batters, and then mixing them well with your mixer.  For my cake, I chose yellow (lemon), orange (orange), green (lime) and red (strawberry).  Each color was flavored with 1/2 teaspoon of that particular color's extract flavoring, and then mixed again.  This photo shows the 4 stages of the process of making this beautiful cake:
From the back right moving clockwise: 
White cake batter is ready to color with strawberry, the lime batter is ready for the oven, a baked orange cake layer is cooling, and the lemon cake is ready to drizzle with Jello syrup before frosting.
Once each cake layer has cooled, prick a few holes in the top and spoon jello syrup (made according to the package) in the appropriate flavors over each layer.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate while making a whipped cream frosting. Right before serving, assemble and frost between each layer, finally finishing the entire top and sides of the cake.  Refrigerate until ready to slice.
Not only does it taste great, but it adds a bit of Easter color to your table!
Hope your Easter was Happy!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

'Down Under' Design...

Beautiful parties and weddings are one of my most favorite things.
In today's world, the internet has given us the opportunity to 'see' and admire, the creative talent discovered all over the world.
Talent that creates those beautiful parties and weddings.  As a party and wedding planner, I'm always searching for uniquely different sources that offer classic designs with a twist!
Coming out from 'down under' is a cute little blog called 'Polka Dot Bride'.
Simple and charming, she focuses on photos more than text, to get her design ideas across.  As a visual person, I love it!
Another 'love' of mine is Rose Gold.  Anything in Rose Gold has my full attention!  (Maybe because it's pink?) And with metallics being the new trend for weddings this season,The 'Polka Dot Bride' shares a touch of this beautiful color on her blog this week.  It's a feast for the eyes...
For me, it's just pure heaven!  Enjoy!
rose gold wedding accesories1 Rose Gold Wedding Accessories
1. Rose gold clutch from Olga Berg 2. Argenton Design 9ct Rose Gold & White Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings via The Iconic 3. Paloma Picasso® Hammered bangle from Tiffany & Co 4. Pink metallic shoes from Repetto 5. Centre stage crystal necklace from Mimco 6. Rose gold & diamante earrings from Colette 7. Metallic rose gold ring from Witchery 8. Small hoop earrings from Peeptoe 9. Goddess Isis Necklace from Peeptoe 10. Mughal bow stud from Mimco 11. Rose gold belt from Witchery 12. Mawi bangle from Maison De J 13. Rose gold clutch from Olga Berg 14 .Badgley Mischka  Adonis II High Heel Sandals via Shopbop


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Take Heart!

Yes, 'take heart'!  It's not too late to celebrate Valentine's Day with a few creative and cute details that will make anyone in your family, happy!
These ideas are so quick and easy, you'll be surprised at how nicely they go together, and they'll appreciate your last-minute thoughtfulness!

Here's what you need to create a perfectly 'sweet' Valentine!

Pretzel Rods
White Almond Bark
Wax paper
Sugar Cookies (iced)
Candy Bar
Medium Red or Pink Favor Box
Red Cellophane
Red Ribbon and Tags
Printer & paper

Begin your project by melting the almond bark.  This is easily done in the microwave on low heat.  As it melts, stir the bark until it reaches a usable consistency.  Dip a pretzel rod quickly in the white almond bark, and tap softly on the edge of your bowl to remove drips.  Quickly (before it hardens) roll the rod in a bowl of red and white sugar confetti hearts or Valentine sugar sprinkles until completely covered.  Lay the rod on wax paper to set and harden.  Continue until all the rods are covered and the white almond bark is gone.

While the pretzels are setting up, personalize and print out this cute candy bar wrapper from The Celebration Shoppe! So c-u-t-e!  Cut to fit your candy bar, (I used a large Kit-Kat bar), and tape the wrapper to seal.

Gather up your valentine cookies and your packaging materials.  Put them together in your chosen container, (I used a fries container from Pick Your Plum, but there are also some great DIY container choices on Pinterest).
Wrap with cello and tie with a pipe cleaner, attaching your tag.

Add your Pretzel Rods to a container making a 'bouquet', and then wrap it completely with cello.  Tie with a pipe cleaner or twine and add your tag. Give out to family and friends...or do like I did, and give to the retirement center security guards that watch over the elderly (including my mom!)
Enjoy your Valentine's Day!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Romance is in the Air...

We all know February is the month to celebrate 'love'.  For yours truly, not only is February 14th special, but the MOST special day is Groundhog Day, which happens to be my anniversary (don't ask!).  Each year we try to do something different and fun, and save the sweet, 'romantic stuff for Valentine's Day.  That way, neither day is 'diluted', and we enjoy each one separately for what they mean to us.  It's worked great so far!

For the rest of the romantics out there, here's a great 'Love Table for Two' idea that you can set up anytime, but definitely for Valentine's Day!  To start, consider using the following elements to set your table.

 ...and VOILA!!  Here's your 'love'ly table!

What better way to start your romantic dinner, than with this pretty and delicious little cocktail?  Raspberry-Mint Champagne Cocktail...beautiful!
 (for the cocktail recipe, go to our 'Pages' tab and click on 'Pink Drinks')
For the details on how to build this beautiful table setting and more, go to 'Smarty Had a Party'.  And don't forget......
Raspberry Mint Champagne Cocktail Recipe Blog Smarty Had A Party Elegant Disposable Plastic Dinnerware

Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow?!

I found the most yummy-looking cheesecake that I had to share...looks just like a rainbow!
Enjoy and Cheers! I'll be back with more Christmas goodness soon!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Cherry-Lime Christmas Cookie Party...

    Every year six of us - better known as 'Just Us Girls' - get together at the beginning of the Christmas season and have a 'Cookies & Cocktails Party'.
A different color and theme is created for each year, and once our guests arrive with plates of cookies, the party has begun!
    This past week we held our party and chose to use the modern colors of bright cherry red with lime green and pops of silver.  So colorful, so easy, and so fun!  Here are just a few photos before the guests (and their cookies) arrived.
    'To get the party started' we served Christmas Appletinis, alongside a non-alcoholic 'Cranberry Crush' beverage and Cucumber-Mint infused water....
Since the cookies were the main focus, little decor was needed.  
I used simple, fresh pops of color to give the large room some cohesiveness, with colorful ornaments in clear vases... well as tissue poms and tulle....
...and one disco ball...
 A candy centerpiece became a focal point in the center of the room... 
...while 'Sips' and 'Bites' banners pointed the way...
to drinks and food.
 By adding 'cherry' and 'lime' spots of light...
 ... the evening was undoubtedly very 'merry and bright'!
Have a wonderful Christmas holiday!  I hope you spend time this season with friends, family and others you love, take time to 'party like a rock star', remember the REAL reason for the season, and don't forget to say...
Merry Christmas!


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