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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Twist on an Oscar Toast!

Tonight are the Oscars - the movie industry's awards for best motion pictures, actors, etc. of the year.  There will be many hosted parties in conjunction with the showing of the Academy Awards, so with that, come new ideas for the food!
I found this interesting take on a champagne  toast, complete with bubbles!

A Taste of Home provided the inspiration for a fun and easy, peasy party dessert- 'Jellied Champagne Toasts'!  Check them out for the recipe, or you can go to our Recipe page on here.


Friday, February 25, 2011

A Pink Wedding!

Of course say the word 'pink' and you've got my attention!
Which is exactly what happened when I stumbled upon this sweet vintage wedding decor.  Even though this was a photo shoot for Valentine wedding, I think it would be LOVEly anytime of year!
Hop over to Project Wedding to see these photos and more!

 Photo credits: Kevin Milz Photography

  Florals by Tre Bella Flowers

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A 'Night Off' and a 'Night Out'

Yes, that special day of love is right around the corner, and I have to mention the one couple that I have always held the highest regard for in the 'love' department - my parents.
In this era of 'disposable' and 'throwaway', my parents never once thought that their love wouldn't endure.  They were the shining example of how to work out any problem, by staying together no matter what the 'weather'!

Dad married mother when she was 18, and he was 22 and just a few days away from heading off to the Army.  Theirs was a simple ceremony with very few in attendance.  A quiet celebration of love.  They were approaching their 60th wedding anniversary this past December, when Dad suddenly died.  He passed away just 29 days away from their special day.

So,  mother will now spend her first Valentine's Day without him.  We can't replace what Dad would do for her, but we can certainly help her take her mind off of missing him, by taking the night off, with a  night out.  Tonight the family will attend the theater together, with dinner beforehand. 

Just in case you're thinking of serving up a simple supper before  your night out, here's a tried-and-true favorite 'dressed up' for the occasion.  It's guaranteed to bring back warm memories, and certainly a smile to your face!
Happy Valentine's Day~

Friday, February 11, 2011

You've Come a Long Way, Baby!'

Do you remember your days in elementary school, when creating a Valentine sack or box was a REALLY big deal?  After cutting out paper hearts, and decorating your container using Elmer's glue (not sticks - the white, messy stuff!), you had a great item to carry home all the valentines you expected to receive during the Valentine Party.

 Well, here we are, so many years later, and even though I don't decorate the sacks and boxes like I use to, I DO still LOVE the 'Day of Love'!   My Valentine Party has changed somewhat over the years, even though celebrating the sentiment is still the same.   

How about sharing your affection with those you care about with a trendy little Sweetheart Pie from the
The Sugar Fairy, and a Chocolate Cherry Valentini?  They'll LOVE them!
Happy Valentines Day~


Monday, February 7, 2011

Words of LOVE!

Oh yeah...It's time!
Time to get ready for the most romantic day of the it or not.
With the many choices out there for you to choose from for your sweetie, why not 'take a walk on the wild side' and send something different?  Check out this cool collection put together by Rachel at Fresh Home magazine.  From Valentine's stickers that you can slap on anything (Twig and Thistle) to cards that say more than the recipient expected!  You'll be laughing all the way to the mailbox!  I LOVE it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Supersized Super Bowl?

'Are you ready for some......FOOTBALL?!!'
When I got up early this morning sports commentators were already spouting stats, perfecting plays and running Rothsberger through the ringer!
It was the pre-show to the Pre-Game Show!

Now don't get me wrong...I like my football just like the next person... after all, I'm from the 'Land of the High Sky', where only the 'Sky's the Limit' and 20 miles away is home of the legendary 'Friday Night Lights' high school.  But starting at 5 am is just too much!

Yes, I'm in TEXAS, which is also host to this years Super Bowl.   I'll be watching like the millions of other fans around the world - for all the football action, food, and all the great commercials!

Last year I had the pleasure of helping a friend with her Super Bowl Party, and alongside the tons of great food, the sweetest treat of all displayed on tables in every room, were the  Hershey Miniature candies in their custom-designed wrappers in the team colors!  (Remember the New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Colts?)  I ordered them from another friend, Chris Anna Sinclair of Chris Anna's Creations in Ft. Worth.

Now here's a cute idea for tonight's game from Sandra Downie of The White Library over on Kim Vallee's blog...

Go into halftime with Mini Mac 'n Cheese cups topped with Bacon Bits!  Using a melon ball scooper, put scoops of the mac and cheese in a mini cupcake pan.  A Game Day pennant decorates each bacon mac and cheese “mini-cupcake”, and you can find this and more, plus the darling pennants free - over at Megpies

What more could a girl want? 
There's nothing better than good food, fun, free printables, and of course - football!
Especially in Texas!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Groundhog Day...'What's Love Got to do With It?'

Groundhog Day and..... LOVE?  Really?!

Tina Turner's song, "What's Love Got to Do With It?", kind of sums it up.  Really.
So, what gives?  Well, it's pretty simple.

I always kick off February with a heart theme, and Groundhog Day is no different.  In fact it's even more deserving of a romantic nod or two, at our house!
Here's a little peek of  the heart-shaped red velvet cupcakes I created, just for the occasion.

And then there are the gorgeous PINK tulips!  I LOVE tulips, and to have my favorite color, was such a nice break from the cold, white snow.

So, what do you get when you combine the two? 
A sweet little celebration for our ANNIVERSARY!

Yes, Groundhog Day is my anniversary, and another reason to kick-off the 'season of love'!

Happy Anniversary, Mark!


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