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Sunday, March 27, 2011

You're Never Too Old For....

Tonight I played host for my client who surprised her 'young at heart' husband on his 80th birthday! What fun it was to see the look on his face, when he realized all his friends were there to celebrate him!
After a brief introduction of all the family that had traveled in for the occasion, we did a 'Tiny Toasting' with the cutest Mini Martini glasses.   The signature drink?
'The Lemon Drop'! ( Here's a quick pic of getting set up to pour! - recipe on the drink pages)

The guests enjoyed munching on food that reflected the couple's travels - from Thai and Asian, to Italian topping it all off with the honoree's favorite - a 'Brownie Bar'!
     It just proves, that you CAN have a fantastic time even if you're getting older!  Happy Birthday, Roger!

The food for the party reflected their travels, as guests munched on Thai and Asian dishes (such as Stuffed Oranges, Spicy Mango Salad (shown),Fried Sticky Rice Balls, and Chicken Satay, as well as Italian favorites (Ravioli in Pink Vodka Sauce, Meatballs and Prosciutto-wrapped Melons!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A 'Peeps' Show !?

This week happens to be American CHOCOLATE week, and I can't think of a better reason to enjoy a few bites of the smooth, creamy stuff!
However, it also happens to be the first week of 'Spring', and that's when
we get to see a little peek of 'Peeps'!

These marshmallow cuties come in Spring colors and are usually shaped as bunnies or chicks...Apparently for the past five years, The Washington Post and The Denver Post have held Peeps diorama contests and there have been some really creative entries!


Just like we carve pumpkins in the Fall, maybe now's the time to start a new tradition with your kids...Hop on over here ( , and check out a few of these marshmallow inspirations for yourself...oh, and Happy Spring!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

March Madness...

That's definitely what I'd call this month, because it's been so CrAzY!  (But actually, it all started in February...)

Let's see, a week long training in Dallas, then another four days of education and fun in Vegas (did I mention I also got to meet Preston Bailey?); a Mardi Gras party for a group of graduating senior boys, and another trip back to Dallas for more classes....and that doesn't include the upcoming events on my calendar....WHEW!
Here's a little photo snippet of the crazy month of March:

 ....The Great Hall of Texas at Dallas Fair Park.
for the AACWP's big annual event!

My Vegas 'Room with a View'!
(31st floor of the new

In Vegas, with the fabulous wedding and event designer - Preston Bailey!

Setting up for a 'Mardi Gras Madness' Grad Lunch...
...with a Menu fit for a 'King'!



for a few 'Royal' Seniors...


..and another visit to
'Big D'..

And, now I'm working on the next BIG surprise!....Stayed tuned!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If it's not one thing, it's Your Mother!

Ever heard that saying before? It goes something like this:
'Well, I declare!  If it's not one thing, it's your Mother!'

Which has come to mean that our moms are such a big part of our lives in Texas, that they can pretty much 'run or rule' our life, any 'ole way they want to!  (No one wants Momma MAD!)

So, it's been well over a week since my last posting, and that is pretty much due to - yep, you guessed it -my momma!
I've been in and out of town going to all kinds of trainings, conferences, and such, and now here I sit in Dallas, with my mother asleep in the room next to me,  since she drove with me to visit family, while I attended yet another class tonight.

Even though it's been a non-stop whirlwind these last few weeks, and now we're right between Mardi Gras and St. Patty's Day,  I'll take a minute to share a few of our senior boys graduation 'Mardi Gras Madness' lunch, when I get home tomorrow,  I'll also post St. Patty's Day pics, too!
That is, unless Momma has a better idea!
Until then...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Irish Whiskey Bacon Maple Cupcakes?

Oh yes....After meeting several Seattle event planners this week, (and of course living at Starbucks when at home),
I was slightly curious to see what else Seattle had to offer. 
I wasn't disappointed!   Straight out of Cupcake Royale, comes an original that celebrates the Irish and the flavors they're known for.
So, get on over there and order up your ' Jameson Irish Whiskey Maple-Bacon Cupcakes' right away, because they're only available for munchin' in March!  


Viva Las Vegas! A 40th Birthday....

As I pack my bags and get ready to check out of the fabulous hotel, The Cosmopolitan, I thought about one of the vendors I met yesterday at The Idea Factory's trade show, here in Vegas.  They seem to be a fun bunch of ladies, and checking their site, what did I find but this great casino party idea for a 40th birthday!  How appropriate for me to share, after spending the week in the city 'that never sleeps'!  Be sure to go to 'Smarty has a Party' for all of the casino party details! 


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