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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yee-haw to Yoohoos!

'Deep in the heart' of Deep Ellum (the artistic square block in downtown Dallas), is a place known as the 'Double Wide'. Even though I've visited Deep Ellum a few times, it was before this trend-setting, yet funky, bar opened.
  Listed in 'D' Magazine as 'the bar for sinners' (based on true confessions from the guests every Sunday night), they have an ambiance that takes you down memory lane.  Not only does the Double Wide Bar reside in a double- wide trailer, there's a reconstructed tornado that sits on top, and a drink menu that will guarantee to make you smile!  
  Take your childhood favs and add a shot or two of liquor, and you've grown that kid drink into an adult beverage that would make even the non-drinkers proud!  Pure genius!
The 'Yoohoo Yeehaw' is just one example.
Can't find YooHoos?  Why wait? I say let's all go to Dallas and get our drink on!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream...

For ice cream!"
July is National Ice Cream Month (as if I need a reason to have a scoop!), and there are wonderful gourmet versions offered up around the globe, as well as the good 'ole vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
I recently discovered a very 'cool' ice cream store in California, and ordered up adult ice cream sandwiches for my hubby's birthday!   Whiskey Pecan ice cream on Snickerdoodle cookies, was just one of a few varied flavors!  Believe me, they were 'knock -your -socks -off' GOOD!
  The latest concoction for the Cool Haus crew? Would you believe Fried Chicken and Waffles Ice Cream?  Yep, they're crazy like that!  A few more of their crazy flavors include:
  • Bourbon, brown butter and candied bacon ice cream, sandwiched between chocolate chip cookies.
  • Scorpion mezcal, Abuelita Mexican chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream, sandwiched between snickerdoodle cookies.
  • Don Pedro tequila in blackberry mojito ice cream, sandwiched between chocolate sea salt cookies.
  • Maker’s Mark whiskey in chocolate-chipotle-BBQ ice cream, sandwiched between potato chip Skor bars.
Don't stop there.  Serve up your favorite creamy concoction in unique glassware like the Barcelona Lily bowl above, via Posh Couture Rentals.
 No matter what your flavor, just don't let July pass you by without a scoop or two!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Party Time Again...

Giving a great party, never gets old.  That's a good thing, too, because this year has been packed with them!  Having just finished two birthday celebrations in one family, and only one week apart, I'm now gearing up for Round #2 of "Turning 80!"  Whew!

The guest of honor this week is a beautiful, petite (and sweet!) lady, that hardly seems her age at all!  She's very active, which keeps her young, and 'young at heart!'  She's also very special, and just happens to be the matriarch of the whole family - my MOM!

Stay tuned for the details on the 'flowery and fun' '80th Birthday Open House' the family will be hosting for her this weekend.  (I'll be posting it after the party!)  One thing is for sure...I'll never look at Oreo cookies the same way, after making these!  Stay tuned....


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Turning 80!

It's nearly mid-July, and my summer has already been fast and furious!
After the fun and colorful 'Sweet Sixteen' Texas Chic birthday party in early June, it was an honor and pleasure to get to help an octogenarian celebrate his birthday! 
  Paying homage to his career as a semi-pro baseball pitcher with the St. Louis Cardinals, we took his guests down 'memory lane' with a 'play' off of his baseball years.
  Invitations started the theme as guests received a 'ticket' to the party...
 at the golf club, a sign on the front door stated the guests
were entering 'Gerald's Stadium', and inside, that's exactly what the guests enjoyed!
 Custom banners greeted the guests around the room....
...a baseball pinata chandelier...
...showing the honoree's love of golf, 
food stations held vases of golf balls....  
while the food played up the 'baseball' theme....
The 'Dessert Dugout' provided a popcorn bar with toppings...
... cake balls were decorated in Gerald's three 
favorite sports - basketball, baseball and golf....
 ...and a chocolate 'Cardinal' cake!
 Happy Birthday Gerald!
 (Thanks to Intrigue Designs Studio for the custom paper 
goods and madisoncaryphotography for all photos.)



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